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key features

FarMart is a B2B food & agritech platform for large businesses & input retailers

Send alerts to farmers 

Add all your farmers to the app. In one click send updates to all farmers about inventory, new products, crop advisory and end of season stock clearing discounts

Reconcile credit payments 

Record, track, and follow-up on credit payments from farmers. Be on top of your business

Gain points based on app usage; discover new input distributors and order seeds, fertilizers and medicines with access to credit 

Discover & grow business

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Raj Kiran

District Saharanpur, U.P.

" I added 600 of my farmers to FarMart app and sent marketing messages to them about a pest prevention product. Within a week, 310 farmers visited my store to buy the product. I earned an extra profit of ₹30,000.

I love using the FarMart app "

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Become a FarMart Booster

FarMart is giving you an opportunity to be a “FarMart Booster”, get agri-input retailers to install FarMart app in your network and earn up to ₹25000
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